Thursday, 28 August 2008


It's an important thing.

Today marks the 45th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr changing the world with what was arguably the most famous speech of the 20th century. The speech that contains the immortal words "I Have a Dream". If you've never heard the whole thing, it is on Youtube here and I urge you to watch and shiver with admiration. What a day in history. Martin Luther King Jr was just 34 years old when he delivered that speech, demanding the same rights for black men as white - I believe he is still the youngest person ever to have been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, and it was so well-deserved.

Today also sees the publication of Total Politics/Iain Dale's list of the top 50 Liberal Democrat bloggers. It would be churlish of me not to thank the people who voted for this blog, enabling it to feature at number 19 on that list (and number 16 on the list of Welsh political blogs) but at the same time I feel sad that there is someone who evidently took the whole business so seriously that after alienating many people (including me) who previously considered her a friend with pre-emptive bitterness and spite in the weeks running up to this, she's finally deleted her blog in a fit of pique, despite reaching number 27 herself. Jo - you have so much potential, you are so bright, you could do so much. Is your dream, on today of all days, really just to win a blog award? Because to me, when you compare the two events that August 28th 2008 could signify, the popularity contest over on the tory windbox's page frankly means about as much as this list, also out today.


asquith said...

You are very worthy of your place, & I hope you will fully establish yourself (as you haven't been around for particularly long yet). I expressed similar sentiments at LDV. Congratulations! Why not reward yourself with an extremely strong drink? :)

Steph Ashley said...

Thank you Asquith, dear. I am blushing. However I shall forgo your suggestion of alcoholic beverages as I'm saving myself for Bournemouth!

I have rewarded myself, though - by making one of my favourite eccentric recipes. It's sort of like shepherd's pie, but with a sweet chilli-non-carne (quorn mince FTW) topped with half-and-half yam and potato mash with sweetcorn in it, and melted cheese to finish it off. It's awesomely tasty, and we even have enough left to reheat for tomorrow!

I may now dye some pink bits into my hair, too. You know, really celebrate in style.

cb said...

Well done and thanks for the youtube link. It never fails to raise goosebumps and certainly does add some perspective as promised!

asquith said...

Hmm, I'm a vegetarian myself, but I don't like Quorn & don't believe in substitutes. I like to have a rice-based diet. Usually with onions, peppers, sieved tomatoes & various forms of spice. Sometimes without the tomatoes. Also, I sometimes use lentils in place of the rice. A few eggs don't go amiss either.

I find that a lot of people try to be vegetarian & fail, but none of them ever had a proper diet, they just tried to survive on that Linda McCartney shite, which probably isn't possible.

Still, if you like Quorn I s'pose it isn't hurting me :)

I'll be drinking for you on Saturday. Hoping to get myself into a good mood, as unlike most people I don't like to drink when I'm feeling down.

Back to blogging... just keep it up, & you'll get there without trying really. It'll just become natural, I think. I can never think of anything to say, but I've still got this vague idea that I'll come back :)

jamesshaddock said...

What is really amazing about the anniversary though is that 45 years to the day, Martin Luther King's dream is about be realised.

Congrats on making the top 20 too.

Jennie said...

I appear to be on top of you.

* snerk *

And there was me hoping you'd be on top of me!

disestablishingpuritanism said...

Congratulations! It's an ecstatic rush of adrenaline that overcomes all your senses when you first hear the news I'm sure. I had those feelings myself for a few published news articles that sparked some debate.

I'm glad to find a fellow liberal blogger from that cliche, "across the pond." It's a shame, though, your friend feels slighted and jealous. One thing, you never know when a breakthrough can occur at anytime in life through hard work. Have a pint of Guniness (my fav) for me.

rhythmaning said...

Thank you for posting the the link to Martin Luther King's speech: I have of course heard bits before, but I have never seen it in its entirety before.

It is powerful stuff indeed.