Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Glad That's Over...

I have had a hard time with internal elections in the party this Autumn. Not as hard as Lembit, or Jenny Randerson, I'll grant you, but it's been tough finding myself necessarily pitted against people I like and respect because I'm supporting a bid by someone else I respect and like.

It's a big part of why I've been missing from the blog arena. I am a soft sod who likes everyone to be getting along, basically. And politics isn't always like that. In fact, it's much more often about backbiting and sniping - there's a reason why general workplace bitchiness has been termed 'office politics'.

I am extremely happy that both wonderful ladies I was supporting won their respective elections. Ros Scott is continuing to work in the same manner as party president as she did during her campaign, taking time to reach out to people in and out of the party via her blog and visits to all areas of the country. Kirsty Williams is an inspiring, incredible woman and has hit the ground running as the party's first female leader, and the first female leader of any political party in the Welsh Assembly, announcing a reshuffle just days after her election, and like Ros planning visits to various local parties over the next few months.

Now that we have our president and leaders in place, I just hope any resentment and hard feeling between the erstwhile candidates and their supporters melts away as we all remember that we are colleagues and friends in this party. I'm sure it will, knowing the lovely people involved. I promised Ros I wouldn't share any of the pictures I took of her and Lembit having an impromptu duel with toothpaste tubes in the Bournemouth sunshine a couple of months back when we ran into him on his way back from shopping for dental hygiene supplies, so I won't, but I do want to share this one. Altogether now: ahhhhhhhh bless!