Thursday, 25 February 2010

Cross Party Lady Love

I don't want to get Matt Smith *too* excited, given what he said on his Formspring profile about his political crushes, but I am full of admiration for Plaid Cymru's Bethan Jenkins this week.

This is Eating Disorders Awareness week, and as I've had a family member struggle in the past with anorexia, it's something of a pet subject for me. Bethan has been a champion in highlighting the cause. First in a guest post for the F-word blog, she set out the reasons for her dismay with the results of a Beaufort survey carried out to assess people's attitudes to eating disorders in Wales, and set out the actions she is spearheading with her cross-party group on eating disorders and new charity BEAT Cymru in order to tackle the problem. It's impressive, holistic stuff -- I'm not going to repeat it here because I'd rather you went and read it. On Tuesday she cemented her actions to raise awareness by asking a well-worded question at Business Questions in the Senedd.

Eating disorders are insidious, subconscious, and symptomatic of an underlying mental health issue. They are to be taken seriously. I am glad there is an elected representative shouting about this cause in Wales, regardless of the party colours she wears. Cheers Bethan, I'm right behind you on this one.

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Anonymous said...

Not all eating disorders..those who overeat or those who analyse those who overeat do not remember that people were much more physically active in previous times